Increase your company’s profits and food production
Identify suitable land for your next project
Finance your next project
Obtain support on legal and accounting needs
Report your project’s progress with ease


Make sustainable investments in agricultural projects
Create social impact
Monitor your financial returns

Land Owners

Increase utilization of your land with no hassle
Invest in joint projects of your choice
Create social impact
Monitor the progress of the projects


Agri Yolo is a platform that enables collaborative projects between agribusinesses (Agri), young investors (YO) and landowners (LO).


Our mission is to promote investments in sustainable agriculture by effectively connecting agribusinesses, landowners and young investors to launch new joint projects.


1. Exploit agricultural synergies that occur when different agents of the agricultural ecosystem work together in joint projects.
2. Give young people interested in agriculture the possibility to invest and get involved without leaving their cities.
3. Increase food production, while providing a solution to land wastage by connecting the various drivers of an agricultural project.


In our team, we have a group of 5 team members studying full time MBA at HEC Paris, one of the world’s top prestigious MBA programs. Each of us originate from different countries and come to the table with varied experiences. However, we are unified by one aim - to solve the world’s sustainability issues and create an impact by solving at least a small portion of the big puzzle of global food security.

Tatiana has four years of experience in agribusiness and rural development, both in the private and public sectors. She moves easily in governmental spheres and high corporate escenarios, with strong interpersonal skills for stakeholder engagement. She has analytical and quantitative skills applied to strategic planning, social innovation and co-creation of business models. She is passionate about rural development, with a special interest in innovation, public-private partnerships and sustainability in agriculture and food industry.
Mamoudou grew up in a village in the north of Senegal at 600 km from the capital Dakar. He has observed with great bitterness poverty in his environment. During his international exposure in west and central Africa, he has seen a lot of families that can’t afford more than one meal a day. All this have rather been a real source of motivation throughout his career. His main goal has always been to make positive change in his environment. Mamoudou was involved in a lot of association and extra work activities to address social issues in Africa.
Versatile experienced professional in engineering and insurance management with proven success record. Has been promoted twice in two years in both fields through exploiting financial acumen, quantitative analysis and management skills in supervising engineering designers and reinsurance brokers. Has fostered leadership skills through extensive executive roles in international NGOs. Enthusiastic for challenges and community service, he hopes to be able to broaden his thinking perspective and promote sustainable solutions.
As someone who has worked across three different regions and lived in six countries, Sathvik has gained a significant exposure to different work cultures and developed a network of colleagues, friends and mentors from around the world. With several experiences in entrepreneurial and consulting projects, he has witnessed the need for change around the world. His motivation is to reduce inefficiencies in the food and agriculture industry in order to create a social impact.
An ambitious Israeli with international exposure, Shir is a promising economist with a background in mathematics. Shir worked for four years in developing agriculture projects in rural Congo, where she was exposed to agriculture situation in the continent which made her more motivated to contribute and make an impact.